Keeping Up with the Classics #13

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

RED PENGUINS - Universal Pictures

As COVID-19 keeps all of us indoors, I've taken advantage of the time by viewing as many

films as humanly possible.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen considerably less films, so I decided to condense those weeks into one article. These were the highlights:

New and Notable Recommendation

Red Penguins (Dir. Gabe Polsky, 2020, available everywhere) - Gabe Polsky’s RED PENGUINS, about what happened when the owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team invested in Russia’s legendary Red Army hockey team at the fall of the Soviet Union, is a lively and wild new doc filled with stories that are so odd that they have to be true. Even if you have never had any interest in sports, RED PENGUINS is a must, as it is not as much about the sport as it is about the colorful personalities behind both the team and the Penguins' management. Polsky has a unique talent for eliciting vibrant interviews out of tough subjects, and his command of documentary storytelling craft and passion for his material has never been more evident than it is in this film. RED PENGUINS makes for an excellent companion piece to his 2014 hockey doc, RED ARMY.

Also notable:

Palm Springs (Dir. Max Barbakow, 2020, exclusively on Hulu) - This delightful, inventive GROUNDHOG DAY-esque time loop comedy works best knowing nothing about it. Sold for a record amount of money at Sundance 2020, PALM SPRINGS features two charismatic performances from Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti and a clever screenplay by Andy Siara. While Samberg is a well-known talent, the versatile and radiant Milioti, despite a Tony Award nomination and appearances in many other films and TV shows, has rarely received the attention she deserves. That should change after people see PALM SPRINGS.