LIMBO Capsule Review

Updated: May 13, 2021

LIMBO - Focus Features

Note: This film was reviewed from a digital screener. Screen and Stage encourages its readers to follow safety precautions outlined by health authorities.

Limbo (Dir. Ben Sharrock, 2021, In theaters now) - Exploring the immigrant experience without an ounce of sentimentality but with an abundance of empathy, Ben Sharrock's second feature, LIMBO, follows Omar (Amir El-Masry), a young Syrian musician who leaves his home for a remote Scottish island, and the struggles he and his housemates face while waiting to find out whether or not they have been granted asylum. LIMBO tackles timely subject matter and gives real emotional weight to the unenviable situation in which Omar and friends (and so many others in real life) are stuck. While this certainly isn't El-Masry's first film, it is this one that should garner him the attention that he deserves, as he gives a touching performance and has an expressive face that can convey a seemingly infinite range of emotions. Sharrock has smartly placed a large dramatic load on El-Masry's shoulders, and he handles it beautifully. Sharrock himself deserves credit for both nailing LIMBO's deadpan humor and making the film visually unique. Nominated for two 2021 BAFTA awards, LIMBO is the work of a talented filmmaker and cast who movingly and comically shed light on the experience of those who many of us so often forget. 3.5/4