New and Noteworthy Week of 11/6/20

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

LET HIM GO - Courtesy of Focus Features

The below is a brief review of a new release I feel is worthy of recommendation. While the film is being released exclusively theatrically, this film was reviewed from a digital screener. Screen and Stage encourages its readers to follow safety precautions outlined by health authorities.

Let Him Go (Dir. Thomas Bezucha, 2020, in theaters now) - Blending neo-Western genre thrills with engaging drama, LET HIM GO rises significantly on the effortless chemistry between Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as well as Lesley Manville's scenery-chewing performance as the menacing matriarch of a criminal family in the Dakotas. As grandparents desperate to find their grandson who has been taken by his step-father's family after the death of their own son, Lane and Costner beautifully complement each other with Lane standing out. Her character, Margaret, cares more than anything about her family, and Lane captures the ache inside Margaret's heart with both a strong will and humility. It also doesn't hurt that writer/director Thomas Bezucha has a deep sense of empathy for his characters and handles the film's shifts into Western crime territory with confidence. Solidly entertaining with real character depth to give it dramatic heft, LET HIM GO is a refreshing drama for adults.