Prayers for the Stolen

PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN (Dir. Tatiana Huezo, 2021, In theaters and on Netflix now) - An expressionistic work about the impact of the drug cartels on a group of girls in rural Mexico, PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN, loosely adapted from the novel of the same name impressively marks the fiction directorial debut of acclaimed documentarian, Tatiana Huezo. Sensitive yet still honest about the toll that the cartels take on civilians and brought to life by naturalistic performances from its young cast, PRAYERS is most surprising in its depiction of the everyday. Most films that involve drug cartels and their impact on Mexican life revel in brutal violence, but PRAYERS instead takes a calmer yet no less impactful view. The Mexican submission to the 2022 Academy Awards and a likely contender for the December shortlist, PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN gives a voice to the voiceless while never stooping to didacticism. 4/4


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