ROADRUNNER Capsule Review

ROADRUNNER - CNN/Focus Features

ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ANTHONY BOURDAIN (Dir. Morgan Neville, 2021, In theaters now) - While there has been a dearth of quality to cinema to view recently, biographical documentaries have been extremely strong. Just in the past month, the excellent RITA MORENO: JUST A GIRL WHO DECIDED TO GO FOR IT and THE SPARKS BROTHERS were released, and now, Oscar-winner Morgan Neville has ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ANTHONY BOURDAIN in theaters. Different from the other two previously-mentioned docs in that its subject is no longer alive, ROADRUNNER explores the life and legacy of the renowned chef and TV personality with striking honesty. A true warts-and-all documentary, ROADRUNNER celebrates what made Bourdain an extraordinary talent but also digs into his flaws in a manner that's never sensationalistic or exploitative. Using a wealth of home movies and other footage, Neville and his editors, Eileen Myers and Aaron Wickenden, craft a thrillingly full portrait of an extraordinary and extraordinarily flawed man. The greatest strength of ROADRUNNER though is that one does not have to be a Bourdain fan or know anything about his life to appreciate the film (this writer admittedly did not know much about him other than the basics). Neville and his team have created an emotionally universal and devastating film that will connect with viewers far and wide, much like their subject did. 4/4