THE COURIER Capsule Review

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

THE COURIER - Roadside Attractions

An old-fashioned spy thriller in the best possible sense, the sensitive and humane THE COURIER tells the true story of an English businessman (Benedict Cumberbatch) recruited to spy on the Soviets around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. While some story beats are familiar, it’s filmmaker Dominic Cooke's refreshingly low-key, grounded approach that keeps THE COURIER from becoming another overly familiar and overheated period thriller. The film is further elevated by strong work by the ever-excellent Jessie Buckley, Rachel Brosnahan, and Merab Ninidze as well as from Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead. Cumberbatch commands the screen with subtlety and grace that works in perfect sync with his filmmaker. Spy thrillers are a dime a dozen these days, but rarely are they as entertaining and well-crafted as THE COURIER. 3.5/4