Welcome to Screen and Stage

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Welcome to Screen and Stage!

My name is Joshua Handler, and I am a film programmer and writer as well as a theatre executive. This site is dedicated to arts literacy and sharing my love of both film and theatre with anyone interested in reading.

The first article series to be published, "Filmmakers on Film", was born out of my frustration at young people's lack of film literacy. The series will focus around notable filmmakers or industry members recommending a favorite work to young filmmakers or students. When I was in film school, I was disturbed at how few of my classmates cared about film history or watching anything that wasn't either brand new or from the recent past. The problem persists, and thus, I've decided to do what I can about it with this series. If even one person is inspired to view something that they wouldn't have otherwise off of one of these recommendations, this series will have served its purpose.